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Logo Design

Total Biz design logos, for use in electronic and print media, for businesses who wish to have an individual and readily-recognised representation of their corporate identity. The function of a well-designed logo is to project the corporate personality or "image" of a company to the public through the use of colours, shapes, graphics and text.

We produce logos to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes and profiles.  Logos range from a simple representation of the company's name or initials, through to creative iconic designs which can stand alone as a representation of that company, as well as being featured in conjunction with the company name on corporate stationery.

Total Biz's design process begins with discussions to identify the type of image the Client wishes to project.  This image will also be influenced by the target audience for the company's products and services, and the qualities which that audience typically prefers in a supplier.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding represents a consistent presentation of the Client's corporate identity across all the Client's printed and electronic materials.  This would include business cards, compliments slips, letterhead, envelopes, fax, and memo stationery, in addition to product and sales literature.

This would extend further to the Corporate website, the Annual Report, and any other shareholder or customer-oriented literature.

Total Biz can update and refresh an existing corporate brand, giving a fresh new look to a Company's image, whilst retaining and capitalising on traditional elements of a company's identity through which it is readily known and accepted in the marketplace.

Alternatively, we can provide a complete new identity to a company, whether it is a new start-up venture, or a mature and established market presence.

Brands developed by Corporate Image are well researched and well executed to differentiate your business.

Our branding process delivers corporate identities that are consistent with your strategic objectives, combined with some creative flair.  We build your brand and create a framework to protect it through effective brand management.